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Places for drum lessons at Oakthorpe are now open and new drummers are being accepted. Drum lessons take place during the school day, on a rotational timetable.


All lessons are one-to-one and are taught on an electric drum kit, protecting your child’s hearing without affecting other lessons being taught in the vicinity.


Drum Unlimited drum lessons focus on:-


-Bespoke lessons tailored to each individual student.

-Developing confidence, essential musical skills, coordination and technique.

-Developing good practice habits and time management.

-Learning a wide vocabulary of patterns and styles.

-Creative playing and development.

-Live performance opportunities through assemblies and school events.

-Every student developing the essential skills to start the Trinity Guildhall ‘Rock and Pop’ graded syllabus.

-Beneficial for music aptitude tests and secondary school applications. 

All in a fun and encouraging learning environment.

Students will also have access to online resources, practice play along videos and tutorials, giving every student the opportunity to get the very best out of their drum lessons.


Please fill out the form below to register.

Oakthorpe Drum Lesson Prices

20 Minute Lesson = £11

30 Minute Lesson = £16.50

Lessons are paid per term and each term contains ten lessons. This includes the cost of the lesson and access to all student resources whilst they are students.

Students will receive their own login (via parents email address).



Oakthorpe Student Sign Up Form

Thank you!! I will be in touch as soon as I can.

Drum Lessons at Oakthorpe Primary

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