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Drum lessons are held at a fully equipped studio in Mill Hill in North London. There is free parking, air conditioned reception area with tea and coffee available.

Mill Hill Music Complex,

Bunns Lane Works,

Bunns Lane,

Mill Hill,












The Studio Space

It is rare for a drum teacher to be able to use two drum kits in drum lessons, but it's always nice to be different isn't it?

The teaching space has two kits, a full 5 piece Pearl Export acoustic drum kit with hi-hats, Crash and Ride which is the kit the student will use, and I use an electric kit, which is placed next to the student so they have a good view of how I am playing.

Having two kits in the room means that lessons are as efficient as possible as there is no time wasted swapping seats during demonstrations, as well as allowing for a more practical learning environment.

All lessons are paperless, so any lesson materials are sent via email and are also projected onto a screen in the studio. This means bespoke lessons can be created during the lessons and they can be shared across devices.

What else?

All students have access to exclusive online learning resources such as practice play along videos, making the students practice time more efficient. This helps to accelerate the students learning, as studies have shown that playing alongside a teacher helps the student learn up to 50% more than if they were to play alone.

All of these resources are included in the lesson price.


*From 1st September 2023*

30 minutes = £22

45 minutes = £33

60 minutes = £44

All students are assigned a weekly time-slot at a convenient time for us both, and lessons will happen on that day and time, once every week. 

Lessons are paid in advance for the month.

Contact Sam

Thank you. I will respond as soon as I can.

Studio Lessons

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