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Here you will find all the information you will need to know about drum lessons with one of the most enthusiastic, passionate and encouraging drum tutor in London.

Why drum lessons?

Learning any musical instrument is a fantastic way to learn self discipline, time management and to aspire to new challenges. By following a proven step by step process will help accelerate you towards your musical goals in the most enjoyable and rewarding way possible.


Music is one of the only stimuli which can activate every part of the brain, which is why it is often recommended by many educational institutions globally.

There are many great physical and neurological benefits to learning a musical instrument as can be found here>


Lessons with me focus on more than just 'The ability to play the drums', but on confidence building and transferable skills that can be used in any aspect of education and employment.

Where are they held?

Lessons are given at Mill Hill Music Complex in North London.

The well equipped studio has a full PA, full acoustic drum kit for the student, an electric kit for me, projector and projector screen so all lesson resources can be quickly and easily accessible, as well as allowing for lessons to be entirely bespoke.

Having two drum kits in the room is also rare amongst drum teachers and this allows us the ability to :-

  1. Have quicker and easier demonstrations, giving you more time playing in your lesson.

  2. To enable us to play together, learning by doing, rather than by hearing endless explanations.

  3. To "trade fours", helping students to create, develop and refine existing ideas, as well as being able to think on the spot in a musical way.

Whether you are a complete beginner, intermediate or advanced, the goal is always to make you the best drummer you can be, all in the safest, most supportive and encouraging environment I can create.

Dare to succeed!!

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